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Herrainmäki LKV

Herrainmäki LKV is a new real estate agency in Tampere, Finland. They wanted help getting their Instagram and Facebook channels up and running. They especially wanted Smuut to manage the lifestyle part of their social media channels. This included posts and stories to keep the audience engaged and to create brand awareness for the new brand.


Herrainmäki LKV is a real estate agency built out of the best real estate agents in the Tampere region. Their motto is; local, high quality and uncompromising. They wanted their social media channels to reflect their new brand as well as be catered towards their target audience. nettisivut.png


"Smuut managed Herrainmäki LKV company's social media creation and management well! Julianne was easily approachable, helpful and friendly! Many thanks"
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