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social media management

Hiring a freelance social media manager is an excellent way to outsource a part of your marketing so you are able to focus on your core business. All of our services are customized specifically to each client according to their brand and business goals. Since the social media management packages are so different for all businesses, the prices vary depending on e.g. the number of social media channels, the number of monthly posts, and your resources. Smuut. mainly focuses on organic social media marketing, but we are also more than happy to support with you with paid ads on e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram when needed.

Starting at 390€ + VAT

Pricing depends on the amount of posts per week and the amount of resources available from the company.

What's does the social media management include?


Smuut. will plan a specific social media strategy for your business based on your goals and resources.


Smuut. will engage with your target audience to make sure that your social media channels stay social. Also replying to comments and direct messages when needed.

content creation.

Smuut. will plan the monthly content, write captions (with the help of professionals from your company), and give ideas for videos and photos that you should provide. Editing and graphic design of posts.

background research.

I will research your industry and ensure that I understand your business and the target audience, and research relevant keywords and hashtags.


Smuut. will provide monthly social media report with social media analytics. We will also analyse what works and what doesn't and make changes to the plan accordingly.


Smuut. will make changes your social media channels and make sure they're up-to-date and optimised.

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